A Personal Message from the Discoverer of the Strategy.

Dear Fellow Trader/Investor,pto

* WELCOME to 'Holy Grail of Trading Strategies', a highly successful strategy, trading the NYSE, based on BULL and BEAR Cycles, that will bring you wealth and prosperity.

*The 2015 Cycle Performance is 'back-tested', the 2016 Cycle Performance is in 'real-time', with all the trades and Cycle changes posted publicly for full disclosure and transparency,

*Most investors are losing money in 2016, but our Subscribers are making huge returns.

*Our proprietary 'Strategy' has been tried and tested and can be trusted, but Arthur Schopenhauer said: "An Important Truth or Idea must endure a hostile reception before it is accepted." #1. It's ridiculed. #2. It's widely opposed. #3. It's accepted as being self-evident. 

* Our subscribers showed faith and belief in #3 and the returns are:

* 2015- UP 1138%9 winning and no loss trades.

* 2016- UP 97% to date (Feb 26) from just 1 open trade.

* If you are currently not doing very well with your trading, you might consider a change. We will send you email alerts of the Cycle changes so you can make your trades on a specified given day. This will help eliminate the fear, stress and emotion of making trading decisions yourself. We only ever trade 2 ETFs, 1 BULL and 1 BEAR. That's it!

* This proprietary 'Strategy' is not for me to use privately for my own benefit. I would like others to prosper. That's my motivation and goal for creating this site and sharing my astonishing discovery.

* We offer you a 15-day Free Trial. There are no obligations. If you are happy, you can then sign-up for a monthly subscription for as little as $3 per day. Happy Trading!

PS: This website may not be the most slick and glossy professional job that you've ever seen, but the appearance is not important, it's the results that count.



AUTO TRADING (on-hold)

for the CYCLE & SWING Strategies.


Trades will be made for you AUTOMATICALLY, whilst your Capital remains Safe and Secure, under your sole control.


US CITIZENS and NON-US CITIZENS (except Canadian & EU Citizens due to Regulatory Restrictions)




eOPTION specializes in autotrading equities. Their Brokerage dept. is in-house, Regal Securities.














OTHER QUESTIONS: You must contact eOPTION directly. 1-888-793-5333. HGTS cannot answer any questions related to Accounts at eOPTION.





Global AutoTrading specializes in autotrading equities. Their Brokerage House is Interactive Brokers.












If you have an existing account with IB, no need to open a new account!





QUESTIONS: You must contact GLOBAL directly. https://www.global-autotrading.com/support/contact-global-autotrading.html

HGTS cannot answer any questions related to Accounts at GLOBAL or Interactive Brokers.





Cash Account v Margin Account.

General Information.

Cash Account.

Investors can open a cash account to trade stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, etc. However, when you buy or sell securities in a cash account, it usually takes 2 business days for the transaction to settle.

“Settlement” is set by federal securities regulations and refers to the official transfer of the securities to the buyer’s account and the cash to the seller’s account. The settlement period is 2 business days after the trade date for stock transactions and 1 business day after the trade date for option transactions.

There are cash account rules that investors need to follow while trading in a cash account. Transactions involving unsettled funds can sometimes lead to a Good Faith violation and a 90-Day Restriction for the account. Trading using margin privileges can help you avoid such violations.

Margin Account

A margin account allows you to borrow cash to purchase securities. The loan in the account is collateralized by the securities you purchase. While you hold securities using margin, if the value of the stock drops significantly, the account holder will be required to deposit more cash, more marginable securities, or sell a portion of the securities to maintain the minimum margin requirements.

You may also trade in a margin account with your own cash. No extra interest or fees will be charged if you do not borrow money or exceed your cash buying power. Trading in a margin account would allow you to use unsettled funds; this will avoid all the settlement date related violations that could happen in a cash account.


We ONLY permit Margin Accounts for AUTO TRADERS.


Note: If you sign-up for AUTO TRADING, you can do so in the 1-Month, 3-Month or 6-Month Subscription Plan.  A 7-day FREE trial does not include AUTO TRADING





















NOT for US. Citizens.


An Off-Shore Managed Account


An individual or corporation (EXCEPT U.S. CITIZENS or RESIDENTS due to 'FATCA' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/35383435*) can make one application to open both an off-shore bank account in St Vincent and the Grenadines (a tax neutral jurisdiction) with Euro Pacific Bank, together with an on-line brokerage account with Saxo Bank, their White Label partners.

You will be provided with your own personal Asset Manager at HGTS who will trade 'The Strategy' on your behalf, via a 'Limited Power of Attorney' Agreement. A Managed Account.

This way you can be assured that the change in Cycle trades are made ON-TIME, to protect your profits. Only you, the Investor, will have access to your funds in both the bank and the brokerage account, so safety and security is assured.

The Asset Manager will be paid a % performance fee per Cycle by you on the profits of the trading performance. If there are no profits in any Cycle, no fee's will be payable, and unlike all hedge funds, NO Management fee's on capital are payable EVER.

You will need a minimum of $100,000 to qualify for this Managed Account Program. You will be appointed with your own private, personal banker at Euro Pacific Bank who will help you with the application and who will subsequently be available to manage your bank and brokerage accounts by email, phone and Skype. For further information, please make a request to: info@holygrailtradingstrategies.com




Euro Pacific Bank is headquarted in St Vincent and the Grenadines where it is licensed & regulated by the I.F.S.A. as a Class A International Bank.

Our goal is to perfectly satisfy all your banking needs, while providing the highest level of privacy, security and service in the world.

We can do that by offering a private brokerage account through our relationship with Saxo Bank,   with whom we have a White Label partnership.

In fact, we are one of their oldest White Label partners to date. What this means for you is: 

* Your privacy is assured by St Vincent privacy law.

* Your assets are in a tax-neutral jurisdiction (no capital gains tax in St Vincent)

* You'll have direct access to a private banker, and an Asset Manager at HGTS, an official refering agent of Euro Pacific Bank, through a Limited Power of Attorney(LPOA) Agreement with him, and your managed assets via your 24/7 view-only access.

* The LPOA Agreement will allow your capital to remain in your own bank account and your own brokerage account while allowing your Asset Manager to trade and manage your funds on your behalf via internal management tools. Terms for Asset Manager compensation will be executed within the platform.

* Your accounts will be administered by 2 reputable, regulated institutions, Euro Pacific Bank and Saxo Bank.

* You'll have an off-shore bank account and access to your bank and brokerage accounts via wire transfers and a debit card.

A brokerage account and the benefits of an offshore private bank is a rare and compelling combination.

We do not engage in speculation, lending or trading of clients funds in anyway. We are a full-reserve, transaction-based bank, which means we derive 100% of our margins from client fees only. Contrast that with many banks around the world who are taking inappropriate risks with clients deposits.


             Euro Pacific Bank- 

an Independant Assessment










shutterstock 268713941


You have the choice of AUTO TRADING with either GLOBAL (Interactive Brokers or OPTIONSRoute) or eOption (Regal Securities).


Please review their web-sites and then decide who you want to sign-up with.

eOPTION: (Regal Securities)

1. You must open a MARGIN Account NOT a CASH Account (due to 2-day settlement rule for a CASH Account & PATTERN DAY TRADING Rules - for under $25K) and they will AUTO TRADE that Account. NO additional leverage (MARGIN) is available/offered on 3x-etf's.

2. They do NOT offer any IRA Margin or Cash Accounts for 3x-etfs Trading Strategies.

3. There is no Subscription fee for AUTO TRADING.

4. EOption trading fee's are $5 per trade ($3 per trade plus $2 for AUTO TRADING) 


GLOBAL AUTO TRADING: (Interactive Brokers or OPTIONSRoute) 

1. You need to Open 2 Accounts. An AUTO TRADING Account at GLOBAL and a MARGIN Account NOT a CASH Account (due to 2-day settlement rule for a CASH Account and PATTERN DAY TRADING rules - for under $25K) at Interactive Brokers or OPTIONSRoute. 

2. GLOBAL charge a $70 per month Subscription fee for AUTO TRADING.

3. Interactive Brokers trading fee's start at $1 per trade. OPTIONSRoute trading fee's start at $4.95 per trade. 



After you have signed-up for AUTO TRADING with either GLOBAL or eOption, and after you have opened the Brokerage Account, they will email us to CONFIRM you are a current Subscriber.

If you are, we will respond 'CONFIRMED'.

But before your account can be Auto traded, you need to allocate your capital in the CYCLE Strategy.

You can do that by going into GLOBAL or eOption web-site, Auto-trading, and select the CYCLE Strategy.


UPDATE as of Dec. 01, 2019:


CYCLE STRATEGY: There are 6 positions available, per BULL or BEAR CYCLE, which you need to set-up with your Auto Broker in your account. We usually trade 2 positions x 3, 3x EFTs for CYCLE #1 or 6 positions for CYCLE #2.

You should use 16% for each of the 6 positions, leaving 4% for Auto Brokers Subscription and Trading fees.

SWING STRATEGY:There is only 1 position available, per BULL or BEAR CYCLE. The amount of capital you use is at your own discretion.

NOTE: We ONLY trade (ie: issue a BUY alert) Auto Traders Accounts at the beginning of CYCLES & SWINGS. We do NOT make Interim trades. IF you sign-up after a CYCLE or SWING has begun, you will have to wait until the NEXT CYCLE or SWING has begun, OR otherwise trade another Account yourself. Please do NOT trade your Auto Account, as this would be confusing.

$2K is the minimum required to open an Auto Trading account, but we would recommend $10K, or at least $5K.

We will place a STOP usually at 4% below the recent Intra-day low.

For the CYCLE Strategy, this means a 1.4% maximum loss for each of the 3 trades, calculating 100% of capital.

It would be highly unlikely (though possible) that all 3 trades would be STOPPED, using these parameters.

You must NOT use the AUTO TRADING Account for your own separate personal trades.

Otherwise if we are both trading it at the same time there will be total confusion. Note: Under exceptional circumstances you are permitted to trade your own account.

If you wish to make your own separate Personal trades, you will need to have a separate brokerage account to do that, at any Brokerage of your choice.











 We will Manage your Account, as per the CYCLE Strategy.


stv  St Vincent and The Grenadines







Euro Pacific Bank will process the opening of a brokerage     account with Saxo Bank, once they have opened your bank account. You should not open a separate account directly with Saxo Bank yourself.