Hello Peter,

I am in great admiration of your impeccable money management skills.

I have been a member for 9 months, which means if your membership ledger fills, I have been astute enough to be in your unique service. I have observed for some months now the HGTS services that I subscribed to and must admit I am amazed that you have not gone private or been offered a deal from a Hedge fund with this talent you have. May God continue to give you good health and wisdom. Your Strategies have changed my life and my family and the familys of my employees in these horrible desperate times. I have just signed-up to Auto trade the new Ultimate Strategy.

Kindest regards




Good morning Peter,

I know I'm late in my response to this email but hope you can extend the invite to stay on as a subscriber for another year with you. My subscription ends in September of this year. Frankly, this may be where I earn most of my money for some time for my family and me. The road ahead is so very troubling at this time. You sir are a light at the end of this tunnel. I'm thankful I know you. I'm thankful for your knowledge. I'm thankful you started this service. I'm thankful for your giving back to all of us subscribers. What you are giving is helping families right now. My best to you and your family.

Like many nowadays I've been trying to keep busy at home due to the lack of work. I'm in real estate in Southeast Florida. It's all but negligible these days. I mean, I hear crickets. I've never experienced anything like this in my 17 years in the real estate business. Even during the great recession, I stayed extremely busy with real estate short selling homes. Now, it's scary. Nobody is buying. As a matter of fact, I believe there will be a mass of foreclosures to follow this. I remember reading a business cannot survive on 60,70 or even 80% revenues. They fail and go out of business. This will be a lot of businesses which means much more permanent unemployment.




'Peter, I read the comments you posted today in the Trading Room.  I just wanted to say thank you for playing it smart.  The key to success in trading is to not lose money.  You understand this.  In my own trading, I wait for the right conditions before I execute a trade.  In doing so, I've missed out on big gains.  However, missing out on big gains will still keep you in the game.  Losses, on the other hand, will have you exit the game early.  I'd rather miss out on gains.  I lost a lot of money once being on the wrong side of a 3x ETF because I was more concerned about making a trade instead of waiting to make the right trade.  I appreciate your conservative approach to trading.  The many of us that follow your recommendations will be in the game for a long time'. DW. PA.

'Peter, I have been very satisfied so far with your service, and I was wondering if you would consider letting me upgrade to the annual subscription'. Tuscon, AZ.

'Peter, I want to continue to praise and compliment you on the wonderful work your doing for all of us. It truly is a blessing from the Lord and your generosity for sharing this with all of us is remarkable. In a time where everyone is so selfish and self centered, you are a breath of fresh air. I want to say, because of you, I feel confident in my financial future. I hope that you can continue to help us to learn for many years to come.' Denver, CO.

Hi Peter, GOOD job getting us to where we are! You have me as an auto-trader, but I still study every teaching, idea and thought that you share with us. I'm a retired Psychologist, so the whole process of your thoughts, challenges, inconsistencies (only sometimes), changes, and transparencies has been deeply fascinating and educational for me to observe. I worked with criminals in the CA state prison system for many years and have a pretty good feeling, I think, of the fundamental values and qualities of individuals. With only the limited information I have, it appears you are a good man. I come to this conclusion primarily because I can compare you to about a dozen other individuals who run trading magazines similar to yours. There's a lot of indifference, narcissism, and downright deceit out there, to prey on people naive to the process of trading, and most people are, I think very naive about this. What you have devised is more of a reliable, efficient INVESTING system, rather than a trading system. That, together with your values and skills, makes a big difference I think. Keep up the good work, Peter, I appreciate you. The Best to You. Name on File.

Hi Peter, I just wanted to congratulate you on your wonderful timing skills and performance. It’s simply amazing. Discovering your website means a before and an after in the life of anyone who reads it and decides to give it a try. And to think you do this to help people out. Thanks to you, some subscribers will be able to buy a house, or finally get out of debt, or travel to their dream destinations, or afford fine education for their children, or help improve their aging parents’ quality of life… or simply get a brighter financial present and future. God bless you! MM. CANADA.

Hi Peter, I am impressed by your trading skills and transparency. Thx for being the deliberate "voice of reason" as we wait for the next gold bull or bear cycle. As you know far better than I do, many day traders would do FAR, far better with their returns if they would simply invest in proven subscriptions like yours. In fact, your subscription is a bit of a fresh air, since most all subscriptions on Global Auto Trading are for relatively very quick trades, and most have poor or clearly mediocre performance. So, thank you for adding a great deal of stability to my past trading excesses, and I'm sure many others would say the same. J.F. CA.

Hi Peter, I have lost w/ your program but only when I tried to do my own thing or didn't get out when you  said to get out.  I've learned - I'm no longer jumping in at the wrong time and w/ my brokerage account I'm now just going to wait until the next cycle change and put in $100k and wait.  No checking all day and losing sight of my day job. Key is to just follow the program....last week I held and lost, didn't get out when you said to. J.M. PA.

Holy Cow Peter! I love how nimble your trading method is in 2017. You nailed it twice in one day! T.I.KY.

Great job so far this year! Really like the refinements you've made and the continued dedication to ongoing improvements. A.G.NY

I recently signed-up for a free one week Subscription to your site. I can honestly say that I am completely blown away by your trading abilities, calls, insights, and advice. I am relatively new to trading etfs and your program could not be any clearer and easier to use. Perhaps more important for me, your patience in the rough Market last week really put me at ease with your Strategies and ability to adhere to your guidelie, if it means losing profits. After all that, in just a couple of days time, I have made a significant profit. J.B.OH.

Hey Peter, you are awesome, way to kill it today. W.J. CO.

You have the best trading service I know of. I look forward to trading alongside you. I don't comment much, but I am reading everything and listening and learning. Thank you. God Bless you and this service. S.J. TX

This Call was impressive. Anyway to get it now?. S.P. Israel.

Happy New Year's Peter. I want to thank you for great Call today. Looks like our patience has paid off. Also I want to say these Strategies are really great. If we can get 10% per week in 2017, we'll end up wit $1,410,429.66 (14,104.30%) starting with $10K capital. D.Q. NY.

Thanks for the encouraging Update this morning. Patience is important and I wanted you to know I started out with you in October, 2016 and I made over 100% in 2 months using your Calls. S.J. TX.

I have a lot riding on this, and a lot of confidence in you...I know this is going to be a tremendous year and I'm so glad to be riding alongside you. A.G. NY.


Peter, I am so happy that God brought me to your site.  You have a special talent.  To show you how you will bless many through the trading profits - I am giving to and supporting many ministries. I will partner with you in prayer that what God wants in your life is what you want and that what you want in your life is a vision and blessing from God. Take care, S.O. Michigan.
Peter, I thank you and really appreciate what you do for your subscribers and for us. We will pray for God to give you great wisdom in all things. S.O. Michigan.
Hey Peter, a quick thank you on the JNUG day trade today.  3.3%.  In at $7.06.  Out at $7.30.  It sounds like some of your subscribers were quicker on the trigger than I was but I am glad to make some money when the Plus strategy isn't showing a 'buy signal' for the day.  It really is a big benefit to be able to play both sides (Plus Strategy AND the Day trade. I appreciate you.  Don't ever retire and buy a 50' catamaran.  Us little fish need your knowledge.  ;-) Happy Thanksgiving, T.I. Kentucky.
Have a great thanksgiving Peter! Your the man ! God bless. A.S. California.
Hard fought trade today!  Thank you for guiding us all the way through.  It was not easy but you got us through w/ 3% gain on a rather volatile day!  I appreciate how you guided us in, setting tighter stops then the policy 6% trailing stop, when you felt it needed to been done. Gave me a lot more comfort knowing I would not be taking a large loss even if JDST did head south.  Good work, have a good long weekend! J.S. Florida.
Hi Peter, Your proposal regarding Day Trading sounds great. I have my finger on the trigger from market open till close and if there's a way to trade more profitably I wanna go for it. As you say a cautious approach is in practice sometimes not compatible with the philosophy of the Plus Strategy (trade each swing from bottom to top). It would mean many O/N holdings. Also the swings are very much influenced by the direction of the gold price which is hardly predictable and manipulated. Another point is the TSLO which often kicks in before a swing is completed. I think the way you handled the Plus Strategy so far is great. I like your cautious approach and you gain great profits for us in a safe matter. But I think Day Trading would offer much more potential. And we should grab this money! We missed many situations to make money because the situations were not conform with the Plus Strategy. Day Trading would have several advantages... There will be no O/N holdings at all. If you're wrong with your Buy Call you can quickly send out a Sell Call in the LTR and don't have to send out a Email alert. Also we can trade intraday reversals. You can keep your cautious approach and since you don't have to send out Email alerts anymore you can react more quickly if there's a good opportunity and so you will catch more of them. All these points do also increase safety! I can imagine that Day Trading will be much more profitable than the Plus Strategy in the long run. Because even a little more weekly profit makes a huge difference after one year. As I wrote you a weekly gain of +10% will result in +14.000% after one year. A weekly gain of +12% will result in +36.000% after one year and so on... So every little increase in weekly gain has an unbelievable impact to the yearly performance. Hope you don't think that I'm greedy. I'm not. And I clearly say safety first. But I think you found something great and if there's room to make it even greater then you should do it. JNUG and JDST have almost ruined me and I hope it's payback-time for me! B. G. Dominican Republic.

Hello Peter! I've renewed for this month, payment by PayPal, thanks! Your entries are spot on and thank you for the jnug trade today. It's great when we have a day when we can stay in longer. Can't wait until the rate hike and Trump gets settled in, maybe then there will be more regularity- but he is such a wild card- who knows what he's going to say or do to effect the markets. Honestly Gold will come back when he starts talking about war with Isis! Thanks for your help, looking forward to more trades with HGTS. Some tips for subscribers when they whine about alerts: if they dedicate one email to HGTS service that no one else has and set their smart phones for a special sound alert - they'll know when you've sent one out- easy peasy. Most days I can be at home and moniter your hourly comments - I have a small timer - when you say you'll be back at a certain time I set timer for the next estimated update time and then check back in. btw thanks for the extended comments, you do care what subscribers are feeling and that makes a difference. Take care. A.H. California.
Hi Peter, I really appreciate your patience and timely replies. I am experienced and have traded JNUG and JDST with little or no success in the past. I typically hold too long, or my signals are not fast enough. I became interested in the Cycle strategy because I too have studied (probably hundreds of hours) 3X leveraged ETF's and felt a person could make wonderful returns, if they had the stomach for the huge volatility that these ETF's go through, by just trading the same ETF both ways. I am an engineer by trade and have used about every indicator (including tweaks to indicator settings) and time frames available to try and develop a simple buy/flip strategy. My engineering background has me convinced that a simple ride up and down is possible if the correct indicator and time frame can be developed.  I have been looking for a service that can just tell me what to do and take the decision out of my hands so I don't try and out smart myself. I am looking for a service that just gives simple directions i.e. buy this now/sell this now, and not just sending out e-mails that say this looks attractive at this price and that looks good at that price. T.T. Montana.
Hi Peter, I just want to give you my humble opinion : don't change anything. I appreciate having access to your insight throughout the day. I don't like the idea of a chatroom either.  Like you said, the important thing is to catch the big move. Thanks for your work. S.D. Canada.
Hello Peter, We are fairly new subscribers and are learning a lot. Thank you for being so opened to accommodate your subscribers. Your service and commentary is greatly appreciated, keep up the good work. You are a true blessing! E.W.IN.
Hello Peter, I hope you continue with this type of service. Easy to follow with clear guidelines. Kind regards. L. W. Netherlands.
Hey Peter. I've always been interested in investments. I know it is possible to make money if you know what your doing. That would be my problem. I'm getting close to retirement and would like to shore it up some. A co-worker mentioned a friend of his who has a subscription with you. I was told he started with $200 about 2 months ago and has made $10000 since then. That caught my attention. I would be interested in the 'Cycle Program' which states you have days to make the recommended trades. L.P.NY

Peter, You screw up and I don't lose a penny. Not bad. : ) J.B.OH.
Peter You're right... I'm waiting for the best entry, can't focus on this with work at the same time... I'm officially up 37 %. I bought JDST yesterday and got stopped out for a loss, my fault, I realized I was trading just to trade. Never again. From now on, I'm following your calls exclusively. I'm having patience with this. Goal is to make 10 percent per week. Thanks. W.J. CO.

Thank you for the chart this AM. I have noted that when Peter tells you "we missed it" or "ain't worth it", Peter usually is correct. We missed, we stayed out of it, we saved money. Thanks. L.K. Florida.

Dear Peter, takes more than technical signals to make these trades.  You have many years of experience that can't be taken from subscribers.  So, I don't think that your service can be done by the average trader that doesn't have your experience.  No, it was not my intent to take the education & quit the subscription. You and your service are irreplaceable.  With that said, I completely understand to keep secrets secret to protect your service.  I do appreciate what you have shared so far regarding the technical signals. Keep up the good work. M.R. California.

Peter, I haven't made a trade with you yet, but I have to say I am impressed so far. Yellen comes out and pretty much guaranties a hike next month and JNUG takes off at the opening (I would have dived right in and been stopped out by now) and you remain cold. Thank you so much for your patience with me. T.T. Montana.

Peter, I sold JDST into this morning's pop! I made $7500 which equates to roughly 55% ROI. Incredible! Thanks again so much Peter!. W.J.Colorado.

Peter, I first want to say that I think you're doing a great job handling the volatility of the Markets. I've been following for about 2 weeks now, and although we haven't made amazing returns, during this Election Week, I've made money and am happy to hear that you based trading decisions on discipline and patience. Leveraged ETFs are nothing to mess around with. No fun being on the downside of a trade. It's been a crazy week here in the US - unexpected Presidential results, which I'm sure doesn't make your trading Calls any easier. It's hard to make a trade completely based on technicals, and this week proves that theory with so much going on. Thank you again, and praying for a wonderful week ahead. T.I. Kentucky. PS: Stopped out with a 10% gainer. Wow that was a quick reversal to the downside. But glad I had my Stop Loss on. Great job Peter!

Peter, I made 9.5% today. I'm very confident with it. At the weekend I've calculated the long-term performance of the strategy if we make +10% a week. Through compounding it would result in ! +14.000% after 1 year. That absolutely awesome! I understand now why you're so cautious and want to preserve our gains and only make safe calls. That's the miracle of compounding you're talking about! I wasn't really aware of that. I wanna kick myself for gambling at the Election Day! I lost ALL my gains I've made since oct. 10th! For what!? I really think your strategy is the key to financial freedom for everybody. When I'm back in Germany I gonna tell my friends about it. I'm sure you'll get a few new subscribers then. This is really a great thing! But nevertheless I think you should strive for perfection and adjust the strategy the way it makes most profit. B.G. Dominican Republic.
Peter, they can ignore your advice at their own risk, which I've done with horrendous results. It's more fun getting stopped out (safely) and wait for next opportunity. It just absolutely sucks when you get whacked for 20 or 30% and it takes a month or more to get it back. J.B. Ohio
Hi Peter, excellent trade, thank you very much. A.E. Netherlands.
Peter, nice trade, 11%. Rock on! S.S. New Jersey.

Peter, well done with the opening remarks to use a Trailing Stop Loss Order.  I feel this will give myself and a lot of your subscribers a peace of mind.  Your buy calls have always been good and consistent.  I never have any worries to buy when you say buy. However, I have always struggled and questioned myself on when and how to get out of a trade.  Having the standard 5% TLSO on every trade solves all of that.  Now we have consistency on both ends of the trade.  Pretty excited about it,  thanks for always working to make the strategy better! J.S. Florida.

Ha ha....what a reversal....you nailed it Peter!!! I'm with you on all the Ups/Dns since I joined. I've no idea where this one is taking us, but it looks very good....thanks once again. S.J. Texas.

Great Call Peter! I assume we're staying in overnight?. J.S. Florida.

Hey, just want to say great Call so far. I'm up 9% so far. E.C. Michigan.

Congratulations for your Call today $$$. B.G. Dominican Republic.

You are doing a fantastic job and I tell everyone I know about you. Keep it up and realize you are doing what's right and a fantastic job. J.H. Maryland.

Please stick to your own plan and inner feelings, this is your product and it has worked out great on many, many occasions. A.E. Netherlands.

Peter you are a true professional, always looking to improve yourself and looking to improve others. P.R. Washington State.

Great Closing comments, Peter. If we made just 10% every other week there's not a hedge fund around that can move quick enough to duplicate it. Even with the most expensive computer systems, hedge funds are not doing all that great. J.J. Texas.

It was a good day, I didn't lose any money! I appreciate you being cautious with us. I'd rather wait until you are confident to trade than just jumping in. Keep it up Peter. Thanks again! J.S. Florida.

A big thanks for nailing it on the Calls. I'm re-building up my funds after my 'Terrible, no good, very bad day' and just one of two more days like today and I'll be back where I was before, which will be a tremendous relief. And equally important, doing it in a way that is 'much less stressful' and much healthier than the frentic day trading. Even on 'good days' I was a bit depleted, and my entire day wiped out staring at the screen. I still have an 'itchy finger', but disciplining myself to wait for your Call and then going about my day knowing that someone is looking out for me. :). A.G. NY.

I am in the Netherlands and I'm very much enjoying your Services, thank you for the good work. A.E. Netherlands.

Peter, thanks for all you do for us. I must admit you have some great timing and some great input. Keep up the great work. B.B. N. Carolina.

So far working real well Peter. Thank you for everything. B.K. Florida.

Peter, thank you for your hard work. A.C. Texas.

Appreciate the communications Peter. Keep up the great work. F.F. Canada.

Great Calls today Peter!!! J.B. Ohio.

Peter, thank you very much for the great Calls. P.R. Washington State.

Another good day Peter, + 8.35%. Thank you! J.S. Florida.

Thanks for the good Calls Peter. I appreciate them. I was thinking your Service is incredible inexpensive. I hope you continue for a good long time. P.R. Washington State.

My Investment Advisor has made me about 4% per year for the past 10 years. You beat that today! Thanks for all you do. J.B. Ohio.

This is fantastic! Thank you so much. Looking forward to being a paying customer after my free trial expires. I'm fully convinced. This IS fantastic. Thank you. G.C. California.

I do hope you are helping us for many years to come. I was extremely frustrated and depressed because I lost $70,000 in the past 2 years and wasted a long time watching the tickers going up and down and even giving up my career and business and I just saw the light again in the past couple of days. Thanks for much. Take Care. B.K. Florida.

So far you're doing pretty good. Thank you, keep up the good work and I'll get all my money back I've lost over the last few years. S.S. New Jersey.

Peter, first of all I am very happy to have found this site. I have been down in JNUG and am sure I will recover my loss. I congratulate you for being cautious. Congrats for your business and helping others make money. God Bless. R.M. Mexico City

Peter, thank you for your Service. Really like it. A.K. Vermont.

You are awesome at this. We'll follow your lead. T.I. Kentucky.

I hope you are around for a long time, like many years. S.J. Texas.


Peter, your Calls have been nearly flawless in a difficult-to-predict Market. Thanks for all you do. Jeff B. California.
Peter, you're the man. I'm up 40% in the last 5 trading days. Great day, great week! Thanks for everything. John S. Florida
Peter, I started out with $200K and had it all in JNUG and lost it all except for $43K. But now I've started to trade with you it's back up to $56K in just a few days. I am very confident now trading with you. Your Strategy is like a money-making-machine. :) Benny G. Dominican Republic.
Peter, thank you for your Calls this week, your quick responses to emails and your Call to get out of JDST tonight. You were absolutely right. Looking forward to your Calls next week. Have a good weekend. Take Care. Anne L. Maryland.

Peter, I am so thankful for the time you took to help me with my impulsive actions. No words can express my sincere gratitude to you for helping me and you being there. Thank you for your guidance. I do trade on-line myself and I am very excited about your service. I wish I had found you before. After a very thorough analysis of your performance, I was just amazed and want to tell the whole world. I don't know who you are, but it seems to me you are a man sent from God. After I went through your strategies, I told myself this cannot be true. So I started to break down your performance. It was correct, it wasn't a scheme.

In the last 3 years I lost about $700,000.00 of invested money, rather than making any money.  It was so sickening. I subscribed to about 40 different newsletters to follow without any success. As much as I tried harder, I was losing more money. I made 80,000.00 about 2 months ago, but I lost it all as of last week. Then, I found you on the internet and started to figure out about your trading performance. Based on your Performance my balance in 1 year would be about $13 million. I keep telling myself this cannot be true! Truthfully, I am all into your proposal. I know you are very brilliant and know very well what you are doing. Again, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. M.K.OH.






Here are some sample extracts of some emails we receive. Some have been edited for space, but none of the wording has been changed, but copied exactly as written.