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Messages of Wisdom from a Wise Man





No doubt about it, 'The Strategy' is simple!






Absolutely, no question, God has answered!






We have learnt the best rules...trade the Market both ways.







 90% of Day Traders lose money, because they seek instant gratification.



Doing the same thing over and over is Insanity! (as per Albert)








Yes Albert,the 8th Wonder of the World. (See chart below)



Bull/Bear Cycle #Dates of Cycles

Cost basis

$ Capital

Simple %
Per Cycle/ (Accumulated)


Simple $ 


Cost basis


Compounded %




Compounded $

Profit (after Fees)

1. Bull 3x-ETF Jan 02-Jan 23 $10,000 29% $2,900 $10,000 29% $2,879
1. Bear 3x-ETF Jan 23-Mar 18 $10,000 34% (63%) $6,300 $12,819 72% $7,229
2. Bull 3x-ETF Mar 18-May 19 $10,000 29% (92%) $9,200 $16,868 121% $12,092
2. Bear 3x-ETF May 19-Jul 24  $10,000  97% (189%)  $18,900  $21,765  331%  $33,148
 3. Bull 3x-ETF  Jul 24-Aug 21  $10,000  24% (213%)   $21,300   $42,825  347%  $43,454
 3. Bear 3x-ETF Aug 21-Sep 11  $10,000  25% (238%)  $23,800  $53,190  567%  $56,648
4. Bull 3x-ETF Sep 11-Oct 28 $10,000 28% (266%)  $26,600    $66,186  754%   $75,373 
4. Bear 3x-ETF  Oct 28-Nov 27  $10,000  44% (310%) $31,000   $83,549 1117%  $111,773 
5. Bull 3x-ETF  Nov 27-Dec 15 $10,000  2% (312%)  $31,200 $120,852  $1137%  $1137,758 




The Long Term Behaviour of Leveraged ETFs

"There is a big myth about leveraged ETFs that has been recently propagated in the media. This article corrects the myth and explains the faulty reasoning that gave rise to it." Click here to read abreviated Article (PDF)

Source and full article: http://ddnum.com/articles/leveragedETFs.php

For a longer version: Alpha Generation and Risk Smoothing using Managed Volatility]



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 Can Someone Please Help Us To Help Others? 

 Our Mission is to help on-line Traders and Investors make incredible returns on their capital by trading 'The Strategies'

But what about those who don't trade on-line. What about them?!

What about those who are earning nothing from their cash savings?

What about retirees on Pensions?

What about those earning little or nothing on their Investments?

What about those who see no way to increase their income, to reduce their debt, to improve their financial situation?

What about them?



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 We Have The Solution. 

We invite a Bank, a Brokerage House, a Company or an individual to establish a new Hedge Fund to trade 'The Strategies'.

The small investor with limited capital, $5-$10K (£3-7K), can then have their capital managed and competently traded in a timely fashion in complete safety.

A $50 million - $1 billion fund could be started in the USA and a separate £50 million - £1 billion fund in the UK, approved and regulated by the SEC and FCA respectively.

Should not those who are able, try help the less fortunate and the 'have-nots' of the world?

It would be a blessing for single mothers, working families, retirees on fixed incomes to be a little better off and less financially stressed. 

Pray God, someone will step forward.

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If You're Worried About Another Stock Market Crash-DON'T BE!......IF, you're trading 'The Strategy'.

When the Market crashed in 2007-8, millions of Investors lost up to 50% of their capital.

Many are now fearful the same could happen again, so they stay out.

But one or two savvy traders made huge fortunes during the 'Crash' by 'shorting' the Market.

It could happen again, but we have no worries, as with our Bear ETF's we will make astonishing profits. 

These products only came into being in 2010.

So fear not, 'The Strategies' actually makes more profit (see the Charts) in Bear Cycles, than it does in Bull Cycles.

The rules of the game have changed, and for those who know how to play well, as per Albert Einstein, the rewards are great!

If you're the cautious, conservative type, you should paper trade 'The Strategies' first, and see where it leads.










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